Trekking and Expedition


An adventure sport for the everyday person, treks can be undertaken by most anyone who is in a healthy physical condition. In the higher altitudes however, one often needs to acclimate to low oxygen and accompanied risks. 


Trekking is often low-risk but one must keep in mind to listen to their own body rhythm and to stay hydrated. Treks in Ladakh and other Himalayan region can be quite exciting especially as one is able to witness breathtaking landscapes, majestic peaks and exotic wildlife.

Our tour experts are often local people who have lived and trekked in these lands for many years and often know hidden nooks and corners that would not be known to an outsider. This local expertise gives our travelers the opportunity to interact and learn much more about the place they are visiting.


If you are the kind of person who not only loves the mountains but also loves to learn more about the unique geography and ecosystem of a place then our treks are specially designed for you.


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More challenging than a trek, expedition might require the person to be prepared for the journey. The preparation stage itself can last from one to six months depending on one’s current fitness level.


The expeditions in Ladakh involve crossing many glaciers to scale peaks that are usually around the height of 6000 mt. at the least. As such, it is not recommended for first-time or under-prepared trekkers. It is the thrill of the journey that excites seasoned trekkers or adventurers.


The expeditions are led by trained mountaineers and some expeditions might even require a basic mountaineering course qualification depending on how technical or challenging it is. We request you to read up about mountaineering in general before deciding to take the plunge to go for an expedition.


Our featured itineraries include the Nun-Kun twin peaks, Mentok Kangri and Kang Yatze peak in Markha valley amongst others. 

If you are interested in scaling a particular peak in Ladakh and want to learn more about group departure please write to us  to learn more.